Our team

At the Hub we are passionate about Active Travel and we love nothing more than passing on our expertise in cycling and walking. Our skills and knowledge equip us to enthuse and empower people to get on their bikes and to get out walking for their every day journeys.

Come on into our friendly open space at the Hub, join one of our events or come and meet us when we are out in the community with our pop up hub to hear all about what we have on offer.

We are keen to help you with route planning, let you try one of our e-bikes or pannier bags and tell you about our bike maintenance classes and Dr Bike sessions.

Meet the team 

Shirley • Active Travel Hub Development Manager 

Shirley photo to use.jpgI don’t remember a time I didn’t have a bike. I‘m happy on road, touring and MTB. I also love walking both up mountains or alongside a river.  One of the first things I bought after becoming a mum was a bike trailer so I could still have some freedom and make sure the family were – and will be in the future - still cycling . I also joined a local buggy walk for new mums and found the support and new friendships amazing.  I want everyone to feel confident about leaving their cars behind.



Philippa • Stirling Active Travel Hub Coordinator

Philippa photo Sept18 thumbnail.jpg

I am passionate about active travel and have been for a very long time.  When I became a parent I was determined to continue cycling and walking as my main modes of transport and am pleased that I have been able to do so.  I was really pleased when my daughter cycled on her own bike for her first day at primary school and I'm keen to do what I can to help others travel by active modes.



Chris • Stirling Active Travel Hub Bike Share Officer

chris Aug18 thumbnail.jpg

I have always enjoyed riding my bike, and in the last few years cycling has become an intrinsic part of my life. 

While at university it was my main mode of transport, and my keen interest led to researching cycling as part of my degree. I enjoy all forms of cycling, but especially getting out and exploring new places on my mountain bike. I am really excited to share my passion for cycling with others through the Cycle Hub’s projects and to help communities around Stirling to experience the many benefits that cycling can offer.


Emma • Stirling Active Travel Hub Officer – Employer Engagement

Emma Aug18 thumbnail.jpg

I love that cycling offers you so many different ways of enjoying the environment around you. I enjoy exploring nature with my mountain bike as much as riding my Brompton through a city centre. Getting Stirling on bikes – no matter which kind – excites me.





Holly • Stirling Active Travel Hub Officer


I have always enjoyed traveling actively, whether that be horse riding, cycling or walking.  For me the most practical of these is cycling as it allows me to travel quickly.  However having lived in the North West Highlands, cycling in a city takes some getting used to! While working for the Active Travel Hub I am excited to show people that no matter their circumstances they can travel actively and enjoy it!



Mairi • Stirling Active Travel Hub Officer

Mairi.jpgI have a love of being outside in Scotland in all weathers. My hobbies include cycling, hill running, kayaking, gardening and yoga. Family, community and the environment are central to my interests. Cycling in particular is a passion for me, from my first bike to save the bus fare to and from university to cycling touring the Orkney isles with two toddlers, I love the versatility that cycling offers.

I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to share the benefits of active travel with others and enable communities and families to make informed choices about active travel.